Meet Gorgeous Girlfriends of Former Machachari Actors


Machachari was one of the local shows people loved watching before they came to an end. The actors who displayed different roles in the show have since grown as some are flaunting their gorgeous girlfriends on social media. Check them below.

1. Tyler Kamau

He is popularly known as Baha, the character he displayed while acting in Machachari. He is truly a talented actor who got many glued on their television screen.

He has been sharing their intimate photos with his gorgeous girlfriend. He is not shy of revealing his undying love to the beautiful lady publicly.

Recently, he changed his hairstyle and this got many people wondering because of how he plaint the hair. 

We are praying for the two to get their love strong until the day they will walk down the aisle.

2. Tosh

The handsome actor whose real name is Sammy King has also grown into a young energetic adult as you can see on photos uploaded here.

He also has a beautiful girlfriend he has been captioning her photos on his social media handles with a heartwarming message.

Today as revealed by TUKO, Tosh has confirmed that he does not regret giving all he has to his cute lady.

They are in a happy relationship if the photos they have been sharing are anything to go by.

We wish them all the best.