What President Uhuru Kenyatta Told Governors About Reopening the Economy


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Coronavirus pandemic has halted many economic activities in Kenya and the rest of the world. No economy has been spared as far as the Pandemic is concerned. Many countries are easing restrictions to allow the economy to roar back to life since many are now able to manage and control the disease.

Today President Uhuru Kenyatta convened a meeting with the governors to access how they are prepared to tackle the deadly virus in their respective counties. The meeting was held virtually. The head of the state was speaking from the statehouse.

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According to reports from the Radio Africa Group official, President Uhuru Kenyatta informed the governors that for the country to completely reopen its economy they will take place only if the counties have prepared well for health facilities to accommodate coronavirus patients.

Last month the head of state had asked each county to develop at least 300 isolation beds in preparedness for the surging numbers of patients. According to reports, all counties combined have a total of 6,898 beds which is short of the national target of 30500 beds.

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The President is expected to address the nation early next month and citizens are eagerly waiting to see if restrictions will be further lifted.

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