You must go and hear the very Real Best Words of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.


Beloved. I'll not go anywhere far today. For According to the Bible in the Book of Mathew chapter 28 from the verse 1 to 6 on, has helped us to know the exact truth about the Risen King of kings. He's Really Risen from the dead.

The very truth about today is that every body alive, breathing the air of and drinking God's water, must go and hear the very Real Best Words of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth in the Church.

And be of a real REPENTANT mind and Heart from today, and walk genuinely in the Almighty God. Remembering that you are not the one who made the Air you are breathing and the water you always drink, but is God He who has Created all of these and YOU. I ask you this. If you have children and you a sign them for something important but they refuse to obey you, what will you do to them?

THEREFORE, beloved, do this same thing to the Lord Our God who have mercy and all Power over us. Take control over satan. Proof satan wrong by walking with with all your heart and soul including your mind. Love God in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. For God Love you. BLESS YOU and My humble Happy Easter wishes to you and your family.