Practical ways to keep yourself heathy and free from infections

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Most people don't realize that depending on the environment, microbes can live on surfaces from a few minutes to several months at a time.

Which means that viruses and bacteria may be able to persist on surfaces and things you touch regularly.

It might be things like your computer keyboard, light switch and a TV remote.

So to keep yourself safe at all times, you need to have some ways or routine on how to keep you and your family healthy at all times.

With the Covid-19 in our mist, it is important for everyone to keep themselves healthy and away from infections.

Here are some practical ways to keep yourself healthy and free of infection.

1. Avoid sharing personal items

2. Cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing

3. Infection can be prevented by pouring one teaspoon of cranberry powder and fresh squeezed lemon turmeric

4. practice food safety

5. avoid undercooked meat

When in hospitals take a good care of yourself, those are breeding grounds for infections.

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