Businesses that you can start with less than 10,000 and make good money



As many youth we are complaining the luck of White color job in Kenya, always every problem as a solution, either you're a graduate or not juakali job now needs as and we should be ready. If you can manage to have 5000, instead of misuse the money in unproductive activities you can can start a small business like


This is the of business which can be managed easily because the item are not perishable and does not any marketing experience.


The secondhand shoe and clothes are available in the market and for a cheaper price, since the economy has gone high and loss of job to many people around the global, anything that seems to relief our pocket is what to go by.


Though this section as some challenges but in a juakali industry is the best, for people who are working in various places they have to eat, either lunch or break first. Many the don't prefer to carry or cook in their working place.