Mulamwah Responds To Allegations Of Having A Mzungu Sponsor, He Reveals Why He Burned His shirt


"Mulamwah is a stand-up comedian an actor a content creator and also brand ambassador of Kenya cane breweries

With the above photo trending on social media, mulamwah has been accused of having a mzungu sponsor, just almost three days after he showcased on his social media a big amount of money and said it was meant to buy his first piece of land.Mulamwah on his Instagram replied a question from a fan asking him about the woman he is being accused of being his sponsor, he said "She was a fan among many who came to watch the quarantine comedy club show, people just missjudged" mulamwah made it clear that the woman wasn't her sponsor.

On the other hand mulamwah shared with the fans about burning his shirt after losing his baby, this is what he said, "it was the lowest moment in my life i felt betrayed by people whom I thought would love my progress and help me up, i was send six shirts from my fans across the country and one of them came from Zimbabwe because it's rare to find. All the shirt he was send were over forty years old shirts from nineteen sixty's", from his words, he went through a lot of pain that time thank God he is doing well and strong.


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