Beautiful SHS Girls Slaying In Uniforms That Will Make You Miss School

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The Basic Education Certificate Examinations is ongoing and that means two things. A new set of junior high school kids are being released and prepared for the senior high schools. The second thing is that the countdown to WAEC release of the West African Secondary Schools Certificate Examinations results is ongoing and hearts are about to be broken and joy brought to others.

The after school fun has ended, well that is what we can see on the streets for now. The after high school pool parties are all burnt out and the jams are quiet for now. After that comes the results, where the real joy and heartbreak lies. Despite all this drama, high school kids are still living a good life and creating good memories of high school.

These senior high school girls are making sure they have good times in school and good memories of school before WAEC lines them up for a mass slaughter. Check out these beautiful photos of some senior high school girls having a good time in school uniforms that will make you miss school.

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