See The Drug I Caught My Fiancee Using And Why She Was Hiding It From Me


I got home from work last night very tired, I was down with malaria and I had to take an impromptu break from office. This morning, after taking drugs, I felt relaxed and so decided to pay my fiancee a visit since her house isn't far from mine but what I found shook my bone to the marrow that I felt a sharp sting in my heart.

When I got to her house, I met her eating so she asked that I join her. I wasn't really hungry as I have eaten before I left home and something seems to be wrong with my taste bud because but she forced me to eat anyway, as because she prepared my favourite food, white rice and stew with tea.

There's one thing I noticed though, as we finished eating, she carried her glass of water into her room which is very unusual of her. I waited for her to return so I could ask her what happened but she didn't come out on time. I had to go into her room to find out myself but immediately I entered she hurriedly kept something and acted like she was fine. I knew something was wrong but I had to act like I didn't.

Few minutes later I had to ask her to help get something and as she left I went to her room to find out what she was hiding, alas! It was a drug. I felt she doesn't need to hide this things from me, everyone get ill and we need drugs to take care of our body but at that moment, something tells me what if the drug is used for something bad and she's been hiding it from me on purpose.

When she got back I had to ask her and she felt remorseful, begging me not to be annoyed with her but when she found out I don't know what the drug is used for, her countenance changed. She said it's a kind of drug to ease stress. I wasn't satisfied with the answer so I asked her to snap it. Hence, the reason for this post. I've tried searching on Google but couldn't get an answer. I hope there is someone here who can help with that. I'll be reading the comments. Thank you very much in advance.