Just in: NCA shutting down 49 illegally operating TV stations in Ghana.


Following the killing of a kasoa 10 year old boy by some boys believed to be teenagers for alleged rituals, Ghanaians reacted reacted massively as to why some TV stations on our media waves must be allowed to operate.

Government took keen interest and low and behold, it seems plans are far advance in shutting down this media stations.

In regards to this, the NCA have embarked on a massive exercise to shut down illegal media stations which commenced today,

Following are some some TV stations earmark to be shut down

Thunder TV, Ice TV, cash Tv , ok tv, BOC tv, Maranatha, Kiss Tv, CACI tv, paradise Tv and other as seen below.

What is your take on this action taken by NCA and other corporate institutions?

Will it help in curbing the menace on our media space?. Share your views at the comment section and don't forget to share and follow for more updates

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