Check What Happened To 80 Nursing Students After Studying In Egypt Under Kwankwaso's Sponsorship


Call it Politics if you like:

In 2017 Sen. Kwankwaso was in Almansoura University of Egypt to pay the fees of some Nursing students whose scholarship was stopped by the administration of Ganduje.

The 80 students graduated successfully later in 2018, in which four females among them emerged as the best graduating students of the University. They were among the 700 Nursing, MBBS and Pharmacy students that were sent to various universities in India, Egypt, Cyprus etc. During the administration of Kwankwaso.

Unfortunately many of them are roaming in the streets of Kano with no Jobs for them, some left Kano for other states or other countries for survival, had it been our government planned well and set Politics aside they could have been our frontline health workers in the fight against this Pandemic.

~Kabiru Garba

Kwankwaso has no the opposition except the envy.

Of course, I swear I will not atone because I have proved that in all of Nigeria there is no one among our politicians who is a great leader, Engr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso to serve the people.

Politics is now the lifeblood of any politician with good intentions or vice versa, all of whom are called politicians, but good leaders' actions are clear. Of course guide engr Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso's virtues are obvious because he is a man who is passionate about his community and knows how to look after people, especially the less fortunate.

It is this attitude that has made it difficult for other politicians across the country because they are different in their ability to lead the nation and ensure justice and development.

Of course, their jealousy is now evident in the fact that they are trying their best to turn their backs on the opposition from the opposition to our party, to ensure that his decision to become Nigeria's next president is not fulfilled. by 2023.

Because they are convinced that as long as the leader is the president of Nigeria, the oppression of the poor and the colonialists in this country will come to an end. less than them except their children Whose leader Sam will not tolerate this system of harming the community.