Single and Mingle: Lucky heads to Twitter to find his own perfect match after his date failed

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This week on Single and Mingle we met Lucky and Nqobile who came onto the show looking for love. But it all failed when Nqobile's attitude got in the way of their progress. That didn't deter Lucky from trying his luck on Twitter instead to find his future Mrs. Right.

Single and Mingle producers don't often get it right and when they get it wrong, the date goes abysmally wrong. This is what happened on a rainy day when Lucky met Nqobile. I thought they were a good enough match. They looked good and they both seemed well-spoke and well-intentioned.

However, things took a sharp turn when Nqobile's attitude got in the way of a true connection. She came up with a hundred and one questions for Lucky that she expected him to answer. It became an interrogation and Lucky passed with flying colors if I might add.

When it came to Nqobile however? She decided she suddenly didn't know anything or anyone. She wouldn't answer basic questions about herself. To the point that I assumed she was a serial killer or something like that. It was highly suspicious.

Lucky decided to take things into his own hand and post his pictures on Twitter writing, "Good Evening Mzantsi.As you saw my date didnt turn out they way I would have liked, still haven't found a matured & dedicated individual. I am available you can inbox.#SingleAndMingle"

Personal Thoughts

I think poor Lucky was unable to live up to his name this week which is sad because he deserved someone genuine. But it might be a reflection of real life because nothing in this life is predictable. Still, I hope he find what he's looking for. I also hope Nqobile watches herself on the show and realises where she went wrong. You can be that withheld on a date.

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Source: Single and Mingle on Moja Love DSTV channel 157

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