Crowd's Reaction After DP Ruto Bought A Small Boy's Products at Ksh 20,000 During His Rally In Marsabit

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While on a political campaign stop in the town of Marsabit, Kenya Kwanza presidential candidate William Ruto presented twenty thousand shillings to a little child who was selling small sticks.

After having asked the young kid what he was selling, the crowd erupted in applause as they heard Ruto request that he be given 20,000 shillings.

While speaking to a crowd by the side of the road from the top of his vehicle, Deputy Prime Minister William Ruto interrupted his remarks when he noticed a young kid in the audience.

The vice president of the United States requested assistance from those individuals who were in close proximity to his vehicle in order to assist a small child in climbing to the top of his vehicle.

The young child responded that he was selling small sticks that are used to brush the teeth to Deputy Prime Minister Ruto, who was overheard questioning the boy about what he was selling.

When the audience overheard the Deputy Prime Minister requesting the individual who was inside his vehicle for 20,000 Kenyan Shillings, they began chanting Ruto's name and some of them began cheering and blowing vuvuzelas.

After handing the young kid some money, the DP addressed the throng with the following words: "Huyu kijana ameona anitafutie mswaki ya meno." Nitaenda kujivinjari kule mbele."

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