Diamond Platbumz Mocked? Album Refered To As "A Photo Album"


At a time when Diamond Platnumz is working day and night to produce the best music album ever, a popular Man in Tanzania known as Ostaz Juma has decided to mock him even before the Album is out.

Ostaz Juma began by ironically calling Diamond Platnumz the number one artist before going ahead telling people that they should not expect much from him because the album he is working on it's just a photo album.

His statement comes days after Diamond Platnumz lost the BET award and ever since, he has been posting various photos with famous American Artists. Some of the photos are as shown below;

Diamond Platnumz together with Wiz Khalifa

Diamond Platnumz & The Real Swizz

Diamond Platnumz & Swae Lee

Diamond Platnumz & Bustar Hymes

Ostad Juma ended his speech by saying that he is enjoying the new trending Harmonize's song known as Sandakalawe.

This is not the first time that Juma is making such kinds of statements, last week he told Diamond Platnumz together with his manager that they should involve media when they jet back into the country after losing the BET award to Burna Boy.

He has been really getting into Diamond's Nerves. This could be because he is a die hard fan of Harmonize.

What do you think?

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