How to help your child excel in school as a parent


Most parents ask themselves this question and more especially when the child is not meeting up academically or morally. 

These guidelines below will bring joy to your heart and peace to your mind.

1. Become your child's best friend.

2. Stay involved and feel free to contact your child's teacher with any questions or concerns.

3. Never talk negatively about your child's teacher or school in front of the child. 

4. Ask your child about school and encourage them to talk about their day.

5. Read and study with your child daily. Be committed.

6. Make sure your child gets enough sleep. Enforce a bed time.

7. Make sure your child is ready on time for school daily.

8. Supervise your child's homework every night.

9. Teach your child to be responsible for his or her actions. Do not blame others for their mistakes.

10. Buy storybooks and other educational books for them.

11. Ensure your child wears clean and properly ironed clothes to school.

12. Ensure you attend open day in your child's school.

13. Pick up your child's result and make out time to go through it with him or her. 

Always remember that parents partnership with schools bring out the best in their children.

Stay safe and remain blessed.