Netizens React to MCA Tricky's Latest Post.

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Mca tricky who is known by his real name as Francis munyao who was born in 1993 rose to fame after joining list of churchill show comedians.His talents took him from the streets to tv screens.Apart from being a comedian,he is also works as a radio host in milele hosting evening show along side a guy known as chris.

Apart from this,mca tricky also do adverts of different products from different companies.Today,on his facebook page,he was advertising about the type of cars sold by ace prestigious motors.The photos he posted,there are many types of cars to be sold.He also includes a funny caption as he advertises this cars.Below is the screenshot of his post;

Also here are the photos he posted;

After posting this,netizens online gave out their mixed reactions to him at the comment section and below are the screenshots of some of the comments he got from his fans;

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