"Ni Kubaya" Bad News To Kisumu Residents After Anyang' Nyong'o Announces Tough Covid-19 Rules


Gentlemen, Why did the government, through the Ministry of Health, warn us about the Covid 19 Indian variant in Kisumu while still celebrating Madaraka Day in Kisumu? Who is deceiving whom?

However, President Uhuru Kenyatta announced tough Covid-19 rules yesterday, Tuesday, June 8th, through the County Government of Kisumu County, with the goal of preventing exponential growth in Coronavirus cases while also plunging Kenyans into abject poverty and oppression.

According to a statement obtained by KTN News on Tuesday, President Uhuru Kenyatta declared that all places of worship must strictly follow the Ministry of Health's guidelines or risk being closed until further notice.

Furthermore, all pubs and restaurants are now expected to follow all Ministry of Health guidelines, failing which licenses will be revoked with immediate effect.

What about the curfew at dusk? President Uhuru's administration announced yesterday that anyone caught violating the curfew hours will be forced to leave because police officers and other security personnel have been deployed throughout the county to ensure that Kenyans follow the Coronavirus rules.

At the same time, the Ministry of Health issued a warning about a potential disaster in the country. This comes after recent reports revealed that counties are unprepared to deal with the upcoming wave, with some failing to meet the 300-bed capacity.

Tuko, a reliable source, shared the news on their Facebook page, as shown below.

Kenyans responded in their comment section, and here are some of their comments:

Mr. Henry, "The nation's owners went there after we flattened the curve by starving our children and losing our jobs due to a nationwide lockdown. Before they left for Kisumu, they announced that a walking corona, a type of Indian killer, had been spotted swimming in a lakeside. The news was quickly spread thanks to the help of getheri media. Simply borrow and strengthen the curfew!"

@Wambui, thank you for your comment. "You went ahead and did the celebration despite the fact that an Indian variant was in Kisumu. Sasa saahii mnasema oooh on higher risk...sasa hu is deceiving himself...my friend bibi yako (bbi) was divorced a long time ago.

Mr. George, "What did you expect after hearing that the Indian variant had landed in Kisumu, and yet the government went ahead and celebrated Madaraka Day there despite knowing that social distance was unlikely to be observed?

This event could have been carried out virtually from the state HSE.

Kisumu was supposed to be put on lockdown as soon as the first case of Indian variant was discovered.

That Indian variant will soon spread to all counties, and that is when they will begin enforcing lockdowns.

The government's handling of the Corona scandal raises more questions than it answers."

Greetings, Angela "Let them lock Kisumu county the same way they lock Nairobi and the neighboring counties."

@Silas, thank you for your comment. "After their gathering, they will impose a lockdown in order to starve innocent Kenyans."

Mr. Amos, "Please, those who travel by matatu, you are at risk because they over load mostly every day in Kisumu."

Mr. Enock, "BBI and their bromance are more important to the Null and VOID brothers than Kenyan lives. They went to Kisumu to 'dance and kiss' as an expression of their 'love affair,' despite the fact that they were endangering the lives of millions of people. kabisa bure"

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