Ignore Bragging GH Prophets, Nana Addo and Duncan Williams 'DINES AT THE HOME OF THIS PROPHET'. PICS


The Bible is replete with various examples of humility, as the word of God is emphatic that, just before a man falls from grace to grass, what is certain to be witnessed first in the life of this person is pride, a show off of more than he/she is.

A quick study of the word of God, therefore shows that, God indeed hates any form of pride, as in one instance, that I recall my pastor taught me very well on, the moment we become proud people, it isn't a devil we fighting against anymore, but God Himself, as He God, suddenly begin to "resist" the proud. In the same famous verse, God rather bestows grace, which is more than an underserving favour, but even more so, "God's very enabling strength," so the humble person can achieve more and do greater exploits, that bring glory to God.

Trust me, same can be said of many men of God in Ghana, as whiles some are boasting as the nation's number one or tenth prophet, God is in His own way, honouring some, who are far away from such public boastings and this short write up, is about one of such.

Rarely known by many, as a household name, he is yet, the-go-to-prophet, by several national leaders and he is Prophet Enoch Jenkins, a spiritual son and personal prophet t the Archbishop Duncan Williams. The later is largely recognized, as the father of the "Charismatic" movement in Ghana and internationally as the papa of strategic prayers, as this fame, has been well advanced, since he ministered at T.D Jakes USA based mega church and even, in his most recent prayers for then USA President, Donald Trump, at the White House.

Prophet Jenkins, who may be in his late 40's is rarely a known public figure in the body of Christ, but he is well recognized by many well accepted leaders of the faith in the country. For instance, it was his personal relationship and submission to the ministry of Rev. Eastwood Anaba, that shot him to fame and connection with the Archbishop Duncan and since then, he has been holding the forte, as a direct prayer warrior and prophetic voice to him and several other leaders.

Prophet Jenkins, as he is affectionately refereed to or called, also ministers largely in churches around Ghana, especially in Fountain Gate branch churches, at Action Chapel and its branches and also at Harvest Chapel International.

There’s no one-size-fits-all description for what every prophet is like or what they’re called to do. Here’s how God can use ordinary people to do powerful things, and how to test between true prophets and false prophets.

When you hear the word “prophet,” what comes to mind? Do you think of a person with some kind of mystical powers that allow them to see the future? Do you think of someone odd, reclusive, or awkward, only able to carry on conversations about whatever prophecy they’re currently proclaiming?

Maybe your mind goes straight to the Bible, thinking of high-profile prophets like Daniel, John the Baptist, or Elijah. As you read through the Bible, you’ll come across numerous stories of everyday people—rich and poor, young and old, men and women, charismatic and shy—who were called upon by God to serve as prophets.

But what is a prophet, really? In religion, a prophet is an individual who is regarded as being in contact with a divine being and is said to speak on behalf of that being, serving as an intermediary with humanity by delivering messages or teachings from the supernatural source to other people. The message that the prophet conveys is called a prophecy.

Whereas many have made names publically as political prophets, others are very silent but are major influential voices to people of authority who do not make noise and as can be seen from attached pictures, he hosts the President, Nana Addo and the papa of Charismatic movement, at his home.

Prophet Jenkins also ministers severally for Archbishop Duncan Williams, who they have travelled together severally outside Ghana to minister together. Prophet Enoch Jenkins also however ministers around, in various churches, according to pictures found on his Facebook page, both in Ghana and abroad.

Prophet Jenkins is seen here, travelling with Archbishop in his private jet, together with Bishop Joel Duncan-Williams and a lady personal assistant.

The Archbishop is a renowned man of God and a statesman in Ghana, having made a name for himself as the Man of Strategic Prayers and literally the man of God, under whom many of the national leaders of the church in the charismatic denomination grew and nursed their personal church planting ambitions. He is the senior Archbishop pastoring the mega Spintex Road based Prayer Cathedral of the Action Chapel International.

It is therefore natural for him and the president to be in private meetings, where they may brainstorm together about the way forward for our nation's progress.

PHOTOS: Prophet Enoch Jenkins


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