How to score 35 out of 40 in your composition


Students are in the final preparation for their main exams which begins just a couple days from now.If there is something I've learnt is that no one in this world is ever willing to fail, especially in exams.In the article I've come with ways to help students write a great composition.

Parts of a composition.

Composition is the art of writing.When writing a composition,it is essential to know its main parts.A typical composition in the English language consists of:Heading,Introduction,Body and Conclusion.

1:HEADING the haeding of a composition should relate to the presented content.For it to grab the reader's attention,keep it short and catchy.Try to make your heading as short as possible.


For you to catch the reader's attention,make your introduction as spicy as possible.Your introduction prepares your reader on what follows.Alway and always make it clear and not too long.


This is where the main story develops.It should support statements in your introduction.It is where you express your feelings,thought and ideas on a particular topic.NOTE:Keep the sentences simple and short for your reader to easily follow your thoughts and avoid complex structures and expression.Also state your main points consistently and reasonably.

4:CONCLUSION This is the last but not least part of your writing.All you have to do is beautify your work before you conclude.Ensure that the last paragraph of your composition is simple and summerizes the main idea of your writing.Do not present the new points and opinion.Never underestimate your conclusion cause its a vital part.

To all the candidates out there, all the best.


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