Mzansi celebrities before and after plastic surgery photos

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1. Connie Ferguson.

People have always been impressed by how much the Generations actress has aged like a beautiful wine. Obviously, she is attempting to keep her wrinkled face at bay. However, a comparison of Connie Ferguson's before and after photographs demonstrates that her facial structure has changed. There are rumors that Connie Ferguson underwent rhinoplasty to alter the size, shape, and straightness of her nose.

2. Khanyi Mbau

Over the past decade, Khanyi Mbau has undergone a tremendous amount of change, which is hardly rocket science to recognize. She is not hesitant to discuss her skin lightening, which is the first notable change. In addition, she is said to have had a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. Khanyi has been candid about her liposuction experience and has even disclosed the cost of the procedure. She recently joked about requesting that the fat removed from her waist be transferred to her buttocks. READ ALSO 13 fascinating details about Minka Kelly Khanyi Mbau is notorious for constantly reminding the audience that "her body is her biggest investment and accessory."

3. Ncwana Rossette

Rossette Ncwana has provided the Internet with what many might call "body goals." People have always questioned how she manages to retain her body despite the changes that motherhood brings after viewing her swimsuit images. Recently, Rossette disclosed that she had breast lift augmentation and liposuction for her "snatched" waist. The mother of two remarked on Instagram, "Such many DMs, so little time to respond everyone regarding my breasts, weight loss ideas, and baby tummy" (sticky fat for days).

I've always had large breasts, but after giving birth to Tali, they resembled raindrops. I blame Gabrielle. She nursed for many years. I had difficulty doing lingerie or swimsuit shoots, so I underwent a lift augmentation. Despite my diet and gym sessions, it was difficult to lose my baby fat. Therefore, I had liposuction. This garbage is terrible!!! Mommies, giving birth pales in comparison! Now I just keep going. I eat a lot (pasta is my favorite food), yet there are days when I am disciplined and consistently attend the gym. In conclusion, there you have it! Dr. Gruter is located in Cape Town.

4. Mshoza

embraced plastic surgery by undergoing many surgeries to enhance her appearance. By comparing Mshoza's before and after photographs, it is possible to observe the changes in her physique. She has undergone skin-whitening treatments, lip fillers to enhance the size and curve of her lips, a stomach tuck, breast augmentation, and a nose job.

Mshoza has replied publicly to rumors of her bodily makeover by claiming that she desires to be "perfect." During an interview with Drum magazine, she stated, "I don't enjoy feeling ugly, and if I want a particular appearance, I get it." There is nothing improper about that. Consequently, I opted to enlarge my buttocks.

5. Mbuli Uyanda

It is said that the sought socialite, marketer, fashion designer, and former model has altered her visage, and the results are paying off. When comparing the before and after images of Uyanda Mbuli's nose, it is evident that the structure of her nose has changed.


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