Reason for teacher trainees allowance delay.


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Teacher trainees in the country have been complaining about their allowances for sometime now. This is because their allowance have not been paid for sometime now and they were wondering why the government have not paid their allowance. According to information reaching us, the Students Loan Trust Fund Ghana (SLTF) has come out to give the reason why teacher trainees allowance has delay. The Students Loan Trust Fund is a public institution established under the Trustee Incorporation Act 1962, Act 106 to provide financial resources for the benefit of students and to promote and facilitate the national ideals as enshrined in Articles 25 and 38 of the 1992 Constitution.

According to the CEO of Students Loan Trust Fund Ghana, the teachers trainees allowance has delayed because of the transitional process currently ongoing at the various Ministeries of the government including the Finance Ministry. This change comes after President Akuffo-Addo won last year 2020 general elections. 

The Chief Executive Officer of SLTF also stated that, the teacher trainee's monthly allowance including arrears would be disbursed when the allocated funds are given out by the Ministry of Finance. 

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