3 crucial evidences both senior and junior interns will have to present during interviews


TSC CEO, Nancy Macharia

Recently, TSC advertised job opportunities for both secondary and primary school teachers and invited them to apply online through the TSC Teachers Recruitment Portal. The deadline for submission is July 12th July 2020.

After that deadline expires, the Teacher Service Commission and the Board of Management will be required to conduct a selection exercise for the advertised vacancies in their institutions with the highest level of transparency and accountability.

Both the senior and junior interns have all the reason to smile after TSC awarded them a similar whopping 30 marks in the upcoming interviews. This has come as a regret for those who didn't secure the internship jobs and those who didn't bother to apply for internship interviews.

As part of the interview, presenting supporting documents as evidence for internship is highly regarded by the employer. Otherwise, the 30 marks will be denied. The following are required mandatory evidences:

Evidence required by the senior interns:

Senior interns are those who were contracted in December 2019 and they started working in January 2020. Due to the interruption by Covid 19 pandemic, the employer decided to extend their contract for one year, hopefully till December 2021.

Despite them not being issued with an internship certificate by the employer, the will present the following evidences:

1. Three payslips for 2020 and three payslips for 2021.

2. A letter from the institution you have been interned

3. A letter from the County Director of Education detailing when you were contracted

Evidences required by junior interns:

1. Three payslips for 2020.

2. A letter from the institution you are interned.

3. A letter from the County Director of Education detailing when you were contracted.

The applicants who re-sat either KCSE or KCPE examinations will be required to provide certified copies of the certificate (s) of national examination(s) in question for each attempt (s).

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