Tahidi High's OJ Joins UDA Politics After A Battle With Alcoholism


Former Tahidi High actor commonly known as OJ has stated his interest in politics. He has found a new calling after a long battle with alcoholism. The former actor, Dennis Mugo, has stayed that his name will appear in that ballot come 2022 under UDA ticket.

Mugo decided to make this bold move after putting a lot of thought into it. He is confident that he will contest and emerge victorious for the Ruguru Ngandori Ward in Embu on a United Democratic Alliance ticket(UDA). In his statement, the former actor we all loved said that he was joining politics in order to better the lives of others.

“My main focus is the youth, the issues that affect them and their empowerment,” said Mugo on 17 April 2021.

Speaking on his battle with alcoholism, Mugo said that the depression among the youth is a disaster that needs to be addressed. He said that he would pursue his and others mental stability if given a chance to lead. The former actor claimed to have come up with much needed solutions to make life easier for those who struggled to make ends meet.

Mugo also praised Dr. William Ruto and mentioned him as an inspiration to the youth. His reasons for settling on UDA was that he found the party to share similar visions and agendas as his own. He said he was all about the empowernent of the common 'mwananchi', a similar opinion held by the hustler narrative.

He further urged Kenyans and the voters not to discriminate him based on his young age. He stated that being old doesn't guarantee maturity. He stated that being young, he was energetic, vibrant and fresh. He termed the benefit of his leadership to include the establishment of cyber centres that will make the access information easier. This information will be used to sharpen on skills needed to be competitive in the rapidly-evolving world.

He called out the current MCA Michael Kariuki Munyi. He blamed him for ignoring his subjects' health needs despite being the chair of the county health committee. Dennis Mugo hopes to vie against Kariuki and is certain of unseating him come 2022.

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