BREAKING| Another former president to be arrested

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Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) have, in an unprecedented move, yesterday (Friday) filed an urgent application for the arrest of former President Ian Khama ~ The Voice Newspaper Botswana


You might say whatever now but to how I've seen the Botswana government case handling we are all going to feel sorry after Khama's arrest, and they will be no peace after, his case is not different from Butterfly and others if he is done any wrong so are those in power and it will never go anywhere, but for it to be concrete is to involve all of them in. I never seen this ever, former president treated like this if he is done something wrong why not arrest, what are you gaining in doing this, this government is not fighting for corruption but khama why?This government has reached the point it wanted, Bangwato should now ask if the current President knew about the guns, if he knew why was he quiet, if it's someone who knew about them why he didn't report to the police? If the above questions have no answer then its plain. But this is the time and season that the proud should be made humble. It's the Lords doing not man, if you are humble continue to remain humble the lord will lift you up. God is judgement is upon the world a lot of injustice has been going on in Botswana and across the entire world, God is not happy with what has been happening, maybe God is fixing things

The fight is on and the lion has retreated. The hyenas smell blood and they are closing in on the lion. I hope the blood they smell is the lion’s and not their own, because otherwise they themselves are injured and they are foolishly about to close in on a formidable lion. Interesting to note that everything surrounding this alleged application for a warrant of arrest for Khama is shrouded in secrecy. Doesn't that create reasonable suspicion that it could all be a figment of Khama's imagination? I mean, court cases are never shrouded in secrecy

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