There Are People Who Are Doing Tailoring, When God's Purpose For Them Is To Be A Barber—EA Adeboye

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Pastor EA Adeboye is the General Overseer and presiding cleric of the renowned ministry, The Redeemed Christian Church of God. The cleric has delivered a message on the importance of destiny discovery. According to the cleric, as shared by Church Gist, so many people have missed the exact reason why they were born. As shared by the cleric, some people are into tailoring as work, whereas God has made them be a barber.

According to the cleric, some people are into tailoring, when God's purpose for them is to be a barber. Yet they would say scissors are scissors; one scissors are for barbing, the other is for cutting clothes. It is not always so, the purpose of God for every life is diverse, hence you must discover what He has planned for your life before venturing into any career.

For you to move forward in life, you must discover the real reason why you were born. According to the cleric, there is something called destiny, before you were born God had a purpose for your life. You must discover the purpose of God for your life. You must know the work you are to do not just any work. There is that particular work you must venture into.

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