Domlovo retired, Amidu resigned: Who then will kill the "master serpent of corruption?"

President Nana Akuffo Addo has always pledged that he will try his best possible to run a corruption free government. During one of his campaigns in the lead up to the 2016 election stated emphatically that anybody who wanted to be part of his government should not think of involving into corruption. It was based on this premise that he appointed Lawyer Martin Amidu as the special prosecutor to help him fight corruption.

However, when the NPP government finally formed in 2017, it was like the opposite of whatever he meant was happening. Martin Amidu as every knows him is an anti –corruption activist and so his appointment was not surprising and much was expected from him. But according to reports, the office of the special prosecutor was deliberately starved of basic provisions and so this greatly hampered the duties of the office.

Finally, Mr Martin Amidu had no choice than to resign from that office. A man that was believed to be fearless and daring was simply made useless by the Akuffo Addo government. This largely provided a comfortable ground for corrupt officials to thrive with hope of not being punished for any wrongdoings.

After the resignation, the hope of Ghanaians was on Mr Yaw Domlovo who also happens to have similar perception of Martin Amidu to fight corruption. But he was forced on leave and unfortunately, when he returned to his office to continue working, he was given his retirement letter to stop work and retire

Now that these two experienced and fearless corruption fighters are gone, who can kill the master serpent of corruption?