Cina Soul To Rock The Stage On Music -Music Shows Tonight.


Music music Shows. It's another weekend here and your ultimate turn up entertainment shows on TV3 is underway. Every Saturday at 8pm sharp. Just few hours to come!! 

Tonight show is warmly anticipated to be hot like never before because your favorite female artiste, the "Ojotley" hitmaker and the latest trending "Feelings", the soulful Queen (Cina Soul) will lead and rock jam tonight on Music Music stage. And it's obvious her fans can't wait for her performance, just wait for it. 

Moreover, as usual as your only and one Master of Ceremony (MC) on Music Music shows MC Chrystal Karyee is never dulling. She is going to make sure Cina Souls keeps the stage on fire as fans and viewers will want it. In case you haven't missed her on stage, her dancing, the melody voice and all you love to see her do on stage, then tonight you have her on you screen.

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