"My son and I Have Received Death Treats" Mwalimu Rachel

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Rachel Muthoni aka Mwalimu Rachel is a presenter at NRG radio. She was the manager of Kenyan Gengetone band sailors before they fell out.

A number of sailors fans were concerned a few days ago why they disappeared and one of the members responded that everyone witnessed what Mwalimu rachel did to them. Mwalimu Rachel took their Youtube channel after they fell out but she has never shared the story behind what she did.

Sailors fans have been attacking her on social media with hate comment. Mwalimu Rachel has finally spoken about the issue and she claim she is not the one who killed sailors career. Most people think she did and have even gone ahead to ask her bosses to fire her.

The negativity she has been getting online has shaken her. Her son together with her have received death threats because of sailor's youtube channel.

Do you think Mwalimu Rachel killed sailors career? 

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