Kisii: Panic After a Body Vanishes and Exhumed Coffin is Found Dumped Near a River Bed

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Residents of Gionseri Bobasi, Kisii County are raring in shock after a kid's body that was burried yesterday went missing.

According to area journalist Abuga Makori, the kid's remains were missing with a coffin that had been used to buy it found near a River Bank.

Locals still believe the body was exhumed on Witchcraft grounds by unknown assailants who are still at large.

The incident attracted a huge crowd with police officers also touring the area to try and establish what could have really occurred.

Barely a month ago the same locality hit the airwaves after several grannies were slaughtered in cold blood for allegedly practicing Witchcraft.

The incident attracted backlash around the country with the government also kicking in and arresting several people who were caught on cameras executing the elderly women in the area.

Residents have already been warned of taking the law into their own hands.

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