Teens of nowadays are so corrupted. A female student was caught doing this.

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Most Teenagers today are completely contaminated. This was discovered to be done by a female student.

Unbothered Smoking was discovered in the presence of classmates by a 15-year-old female student in class.

This video demonstrates how the stubborn attitudes of certain senior high school students took to another level, by deciding to smoke publicly. The had finds it's way onto social media with the help of some people, who uploaded it.

Obviously, this video obtained by the source, a girl student of approximately 15 years old at an unknown Senior High School in Nigeria is shown smoking her lungs out in front of her classmates while in the middle of class.

Indifferent student, who is most likely unaware of the punishment that will be meted out to her if school authorities discover the film smoking like a pro in the classroom while surrounded by her peers.

According to all appearances, the anonymous student is a heavy smoker, as evidenced by her ability to smoke the material with ease.


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