It has been alleged that her killer's mother stole Tshepang Pitse's house

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This case of Tshepang Pitse has left me so heartbroken. Imagine working so hard as a parent to secure a good future for your child when you die, only to have that be the sole reason someone marries them and murders them in such a cruel way. Her sister Tshenolo to be left with such grief. They have my daughters' names. How do we teach ourselves and our children what genuine love is so that they or we don't fall into a trap of getting into relationships that are a means to an end. My heart bleeds for you Tshepi and the hopes her Mom probably had for her. 

It seems these two siblings have been through a lot since childhood, it was revealed that their mother was killed in 2024 leaving them with no one two take care of them and Flavio's mother took them in. It was alleged that the girls mother left them in Waterkloof as Grace Hlabangwane took them in. They said she changed their age and made them look much older than their real age. Zodwa said Flavio's mother then stole the house that the siblings mother had left fir them as she moved them in her home.

I always say if the relationship is toxic walk away im talking to all ganders. Have seen men who also gets abused too lots of them. Women remember men are way too stronger than you guys never feel comfortable on abusing him. If it happens that he knocks you he might knock you to death. What im really saying here is toxic relationship always end in death in most cases women lose their lives as obviously men are stronger than them jus walk away from such relationship earlier than later.

This is honestly painful,there are no words to explain it. If ladies could learn to notice ways of a savage boyfriend and Walk away from them sooner. I can't even begin to imagine how her family is feeling right now. This has hurt all human kind. Putting some of her parts in the refrigerator while others are not even there? I mean what kind of cold blooded is that! There has to be a inyaka involved in this, people who encourage others to do such evil deeds should also be sentenced. They make people do horrible things in this world for the sake of paper this is pure satanic.

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