Opera has transformed my knowledge about the coronavirus “OperaNewsHubAnniversary”


It is said that, a pen is mightier than a sword. This means that knowledge in itself is greater in transforming a society than weapons. Information over the years is now everywhere, on Tv, on our phones and etc. But the issue is which of the information is true. Also, how do we decipher the real news from the fake news, because, trust me, Fake news can be toxic to human health.

Opera News is always my point of reference when it comes to sieving the fake news from the real news. It is really, ‘my go to’ for information regarding, Health, Education, Politics, Technology etc.

During the corona virus outbreak, opera news was always updating me on the cases, from world news to local news. Almost, all the world came to a standstill, but opera news was the platform that got me up to speed with the outside world. Coming from my part of the world, information is expensive. We don’t actually joke with any information, but if the information is coming from opera news then it’s authentic. The Corona virus outbreak got everybody glued to finding information on the net. Opera news was my ultimate source for information. It was on opera news I got to hear about the corona virus for the first time.

Many news hubs started spreading fake news about the virus. Others said it’s a fake virus, whiles others said it was a disease that affects only the “white man”. But opera news made me understand through its numerous articles that I need to observe the preventive measures if I did not want to contract the virus. it also made aware, for example, where it originated from, how many countries were affected, signs and symptoms and last but not the least, how to prevent oneself from acquiring the virus.

we are bombarded by all kinds of news every day in and day out. There is no single day that i don’t get to hear what’s going on around the world with the help of opera news. So to me opera news has transformed my knowledge about the world at large specifically about the corona virus pandemic.

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