Chemu, The Mistaken Woman, Reveals Amount of Money Businessman Who Shot Her, Bribed Caretaker


Domestic violence have caused many people around the world to live in fear. Furthermore, many young youths have been killed after quarreling with their partners. These cases should be condemned and all suspects should be arrested. Furthermore, according to our constitution, nobody is allowed to kill or assault anybody.

According to the source, Chemutai, the woman who was shot by a businessman have broke the silence and revealed that, the businessman lured her before shooting her. Furthermore, she revealed that caretaker who escorted her to the received Ksh1000 as airtime from the businessman before accepting to leave.

Furthermore, Chemutai was shocked after the businessman broke the silence and announced that he was waiting her. He shot her and Chemutai screamed for help.

Later, the businessman was arrested and Chemutai was rushed to hospital. She is still in hospital.

This happens after Kangogo killed two people in our country and escaped. Police officers are still doing investigations to arrest her.

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