"Politics Has No Permanent Friends It Is A Matter Of Interests" Kipchumba Karori


Oliver Kipchumba Karori pictured below is an advocate, a political commentator and also an entrepreneur.

Today 11th April 2021 he was at KTN News on an interview and he talked about the politics alliances and coalitions.

According to a tweet posted by KTN News on their official verified Twitter account Kipchumba has said that politics has no permanent friends at all. Politics friends depend on their interest. If the interests are the same they will be friends but if they are not the same they will not be friends.

So according to him friends in politics are those who have the same interests.

Here is the tweet from KTN News official verified Twitter account. "Kipchumba Karori: Politics has no permanent friends or foes. It is always about constant move of interests."

Below is a screenshot of the same.

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