Watch The Male Versions Of These Popular Actresses Showing How Real Men Gossip (Photos)


Fans were left excited amid ribcracking laughter after watching the most trending Nollywood actresses playing the role of men in an upcoming movie on Instagram.

LizzyGold Onuwaje and Destiny Etiko who were friends and elders of a kingdom in their village dressed like men while majestically holding their walking sticks with beautiful beards.

Watching excerpts of the movie in a short video posted by the two actresses on their respective Instagram accounts, they displayed the role of men while recounting how they want to finish girls in the town.

Talking about gossips, Destiny and Lizzygold were heard telling each other about their private affairs and the number of women they have slept with.

This shows that it's not always true that only women gossip. Some men are addicted to it.

That's the role Lizzygold Onuwaje and Destiny Etiko played in the movie.

Aside these, they were seen displaying a true African culture in the movie.

Meamwhile, fellow Nigerian celebrities could also not hide their joy and lauded the two actresses playing the role perfectly.

Watch the photos below