Depression starts from the age of zero- Odeefuo spoke on suicide cases amongst school children

It's possible to notify that feeling down at times is a normal part of life. Sad and upsetting happens to everyone including, death, broken heart and others, make us fell lonely. However, feeling hopeless consistency that could be a depression. The rate at which the youth is been influenced by this serious mood disorder is becoming very popular.

The rise in suicide cases amongst school going children recently needs to recall parents to balance the emotions of their children. Odeefuo speaking on Adom TV, disclosed that parents should be guided by emotional intelligent of their children. He added that peer influence is another possible factor that can trigger suicide among the youth. Peer pressure is pushing a lot of people into life where they are not suppose to be.

People are rushing into life without knowing where they started from. This is the best time we should use the media to remind or educate parents to use emotional information of their children to guide thinking and behaviour and adjust emotions to adapt to environments.