Can babies drink water?

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As a new mother, you are probably wondering if your baby can drink water. Water is usually not required for the first six months, and even if you do add it, your baby will only want a few sips. Babies should start drinking water when they start eating solid foods because they can get all the hydration they need from breastmilk and formula.

Here are risks associated with giving your baby water

1 Nutrient deficiency

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 Babies that drink water to fulfill their hunger and needs tend to miss out on key nutrients found in breast milk and formula.

2 Inadequate weight gain

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Your baby isn't filling up on food if she drinks water in addition to breast milk or formula regularly. That implies your baby won't get the calories she needs to gain the proper amount of weight over time.

3 Decreased milk supply

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If you're nursing, giving your infant water may reduce your milk production in the long run, because newborns who drink a lot of water tend to feed less.

 4 Chemical imbalance

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 Allowing your baby to drink a lot of water might cause water intoxication, which is a potentially deadly condition in which electrolytes such as sodium in the bloodstream become diluted. This might cause problems with a baby's basic physiological functioning, such as low body temperature or convulsions.

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