"Shida Si Katiba, Shida Ni Uongozi," DP Ruto Boldly Tells Uhuru And Raila The Real Issue To Sort Out


In a speech delivered today on the Tuesday of May 18th from his Karen residence when he met a number of leaders from Kajiado County, Deputy President William Ruto once again insisted that the Constitution of Kenya 2010 is the least of the problems that we have right now.

The boldly speaking DP started by saying that "shida si katiba, shida ni uongozi and that's what we need to sort out." That "there must not be losers in Kenya, we can all become winners if we listen to one another."

To BBI promoters, the DP told them that "let's leave the bravado, let's leave the force, let's not use intimidation or blackmail. Let's find a mechanism where Kenyans can sit down together as brothers and sisters and hammer out a path that leaves nobody behind and excludes no one."

He also added that "we can all come together as Kenyans and it's possible that if in a competition, to make the competition about issues that can make Kenya better and avoid dividing people along ethnic or other unnecessary lines."

His final words were "I want to persuade leaders in our nation that there's a possibility for all of us to come together and hammer out an agreement that's not selfish."

Listening to him in that meeting were a number of former councillors from Kajiado County whom he had hosted to discuss his bottom-up economic model. Other leaders that attended the meeting were MPs Katoo ole Metito, George Sunkuyia, Aisha Jumwa and Kimani Ngunjiri.


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