Kenya Power Limited Makes This Major Announcement To Kenyans

Kenya power limited has made this major announcement to Kenyans concerning a technical hitch affecting prepaid token generation and contact center interactions.

Kenya power informed Kenyans that they were experiencing a technical hitch which was affecting prepaid vending and preventing access to their customer center via 97771.

However, Kenya power apologized for the inconvenience caused and assured Kenyans that their technical team was working to restore normalcy as soon as possible.

Below are reactions of the netizens :

Simion Plumb

Why can't you automatically advance tokens to all Kenyans then deduct when your systems are up.

Shawn Shollei

You're so unreliable nowadays,a technical hitch taking a whole day tells how reluctant You're in solving customers' problems.

Reuben Wanyugi

Why do you behave as if you're doing us a favour by providing electricity, which we're paying for?We need privatization of Kenya power.

Job Mukubuyi

The technical hitches about buying tokens are now a cliche. Have observed buying tokens during weekends is stressful these days.

Justin Kyallo

It is time you started compensating affected customers for the inconveniences you are talking about because they are becoming too common.