After What This Lady Posted About God, People Wondered Wether God Will Allow Her To Enter Heaven

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Will God Ever Forgjve this woman for the thing she said about him via online media? 

Well I dont know and I don't think so,because what this woman has done is the most elevated level of disrespect against the almighty.many individuals responded to this sort of irreverence that this lady submitted. 

This lady said that she didn't decide to exists and it's not her duty to revere God almighty.and that she doesn't owe God this are the words that I have never heard from anybody kn the world.thia is unadulterated mischievousness. 

I felt that possibly this woman is a demon worship,because the fiend doesn't care for God as is his followers.The book of scriptures says that the numb-skull says there is no God Kn his heart.well this ia the reasonable depiction of the impiety and it should be managed completely. 

How could an ordinary huma being says such words?this is absolutely bad,many individuals remarked and disclosed to her that she needs to depend and get jesus christ as his master and guardian angel since she is plainly had

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