"We Both Went To The Same University, But We Never Spoke To Each Other Till Our Final Year"- Bride


In life, most times we meet the love of our lives in the least expected places and events. Some even got married to their long time enemies. In this article, i would be sharing the love story of Amaka and Ugo which was posted on Bella Naija weddings.

According to Amaka, she said that she and her husband, Ugo both went to the same university. Not only that, they also had mutual friends, but they never talked to each other, till their final year. In that final year, one of her close friends who was also cool with Ugo decided they both pay him a visit, and when they both got there, she liked the way Ugo talked. Amaka said that she had always wanted a man with some qualities of her dad, and Ugo had that.

But their relationship wasn't all a bed of roses. Amaka revealed that they both witnessed a long distance relationship, but due to God's will to join the both of them together, they still made it. They both communicated through WhatsApp and many other apps, and they are now married. They both dated for seven years before marriage.

Checkout their traditional marriage photos:

May their union last long and be blessed with children.

Source: Bella Naija Weddings

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