Another CBC hard nut to tackle as double intake will take place in 2023

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Competence based curriculum was introduced to replace 844 curriculum which is exam oriented. It is meant to impart learners with practical skills that are needed in the job market. Unlike 844 that concentrates on acquiring of skills and knowledge CBC will tackle the problem of releasing half baked graduates to the job market.

The first group of leaders in the CBC curriculum are expected to transition to junior secondary school in 2023.

Experts have already warned the government to be prepared for the big crisis that will be in the future. The secondary schools are expected to take form one students in the year 2023 as well as take junior secondary students at the same time.

The same teachers who have not been equipped with enough skills to handle junior secondary school will be expected to handle the form ones who will be admitted in the same year.

Schools will be facing a big blow since they are already overpopulated. The minimum classrooms in public secondary schools have more than sixty students in a class. A normal classroom should have forty students. The question that experts are asking is where will the schools get enough classes to accommodate twice the number of students they usually admit at ago? Where will they get resources to run the already suffocating schools.

As much as the government is building classes, then they should decongest the already congested classes.

According to reports population in secondary schools is expected to rise from the current 4 million to over 6 million.

Learners transition is another challenge. Currently students join form one when they are above forteeen years, with CBC teachers in junior secondary will be handling younger children who are below twelve years. The same teachers have not yet been equipped with skills to handle the younger learners.

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