Eddie Hearn, the fight promoter reacts to the fight between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk.

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Anthony Joshua suffered the second defeat of his career as he was outclassed by Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk and lost by unanimous decision.

Following the defeat, the fight promoter, Eddie Hearn had this to say; “I spoke to him [Joshua] obviously it was a tough fight, a gruelling fight, a devastating defeat. Congrats to Usyk, what a fighter, the better man won. The danger was always that you overthink it and try to be too technical and don’t use your attributes. It was all the things you worry about against a fighter like Usyk. No complaints from AJ, he’ll get up, and he’ll go again. This was just being beat by a better man on the night."

“He’s got to make changes in the rematch, because if that happens again, of course, he’ll get beat ... that for me was an average performance from Anthony Joshua. He can do so much better in that fight, but he’s facing the best consistently. You can’t have it both ways, fighters should take on the very best. It was a high-level fight, there’s no point sulking about it , you say: ‘I’ll go back to the drawing board and I’ll go again.’"

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