Female Teacher Arrested After she Slept with a Young Male Student Inside the Class and in her Car

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Brittany Zamora, a female teacher aged 30 years old from Goodyear was arrested and sentenced to 20 years behind bars after she tricked a 13-year-old male student in her class and slept with him.

After her arrest, it is said that Brittany has been tutoring her fellow prisoners who are locked behind bars with her. The teacher was arrested after she was found guilty of abusing a grade-6 student. The victim's parents saw a text message between their child and the female teacher, this prompted them to inform the authorities who took action immediately.

The victim confessed to the authorities that he and the teacher who was 27 years have been in a relationship for a while and have engaged in the activities in class and inside the teacher's car several times. Before the court, the teacher admitted that she did a very bad act and keeps regretting it. Despite pleading guilty to her act, the lady is to spend her life in jail until she attains 48 years or 49 years.

After being found guilty of the act, Zamora was forced to divorce her 4-year marriage with her husband because the relationship was broken beyond repair.

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