Is NPP Youth Wing Loosing Focus? NPP Communications Officer Dennis Miracles Sends A Message

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Dear NPP Youth, It’s time to be confident in our party and government with what we have achieved and step out there boldly to preach it to the public.

At the village square, Market place, church funeral grounds, etc., we need to tell the full story because we have a beautiful story to tell.

Let’s be humble enough to admit our shortfalls but forcefully diffuse the spin and propaganda against our government in an attempt to dwarf the successes we have achieved. 

We are the best option for this country and that is without a doubt despite the obvious challenges. The successes outweighed the challenges.

Let’s speak to the challenges, successes, and plans in deforming with the challenges.

We still have a long way to go but we have equally fixed a lot of very critical challenges in this country and we must speak to all of them.

Our government and our party are ours to own and we must commit to stepping out there and sticking our necks out for the New Patriotic Party [NPP]

We have done better in the face of obvious global challenges, let’s keep our heads up and soldier on. Slowly but steadily we shall rise.

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