Nigeria’s Self-Determination Groups to Storm UN General Assembly In New York

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According to a report from Sahara Reporters, it was gathered that Nigeria’s Self-Determination Groups would storm the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

According to a report, NINAS is an Umbrella sect of self-determination movements in the South-South, South-East, Middle Belt, and the South-West (Ilana Omo Oodua).

Also from the report, the agitation groups in the country under the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for the Self-Determination said that they will surely hold a One million match to the United Nations Headquarters in New York to repeat their demand for the referendum on self-determination and abolition of the 1999constitution of Nigeria.

Also according to a statement, it was gathered that the group needed to dismantle the purported “fraudulent 1999 Constitution,” to terminates the “unworkable” unitary union that the constitution has introduced on the people and also pursue the steps for self-determination, for which in doing so the power would surely be retained and restored to the constituents regions.

Source: Sahara Reporters.





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