If you had a D Plus in Biology and a Mean Grade of C Minus, Here is the Medical Course for you

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Having a good course that can help you provide for your family is one of the best goals in life. Right now even if you are from a low background, you can still achieve your dreams in life because the government helping students in so many ways. You can easily apply for HELB even in a technical university. Secondly you can as well get CDF from the county government.The third way, you can apps for bursaries that the government awards to needy students every year.There are so many courses you can apply from technical and medical colleges.One if the best courses you can easily qualify with a mean grade of C minus and a D+ in biology is a certificate in Orthopedic and Trauma medicine.

This is a course that deals with the treatment of bones and muscles. In cases of accidents anyone with injuries is supposed to get medication from an expert in this course. Orthopedic surgeon specialize in surgical treatment for problems caused by diseases and injuries in bones, joints and any other structure involved in body movements.

A certificate in this course take 2 years. Right now you can easily apply and join with the September intake in most medical colleges. English, Kiswahili, biology and any subject between physics and chemistry are most considered for this course.

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