Technology of the highest order: See The amazing pictures of most incredible water bridge (Photos)

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Developed countries are currently competing to offer the best services to the world. They ensure this by advancing their technology on their operations. They are actually trying to advance everything to make work more easier. Majority of us are used to bridges used by cars, lorries, motorcycles to transport goods and people. However, what if I present to you that there exists also water bridges for ships, boats and any other water vessels.

I know it sounds crazy but believe me there exists some. One of them is Pont due Sart Aqueduct located in western Belgium near Haudeng. The water bridge is so amazing weighing about 65000 tons and is one of the longest water bridges in the world. The bridge is about 4.25 meters deep allowing transportation of goods through use of water within Belgium, which is often most convenient for transporting heavy goods. Thanks to marvel engineers who built such a massive structure. Below are some of the amazing pictures of the bridge.


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