A Lesson to learn from President Obama


One thing about the average men is that they like spending money on things that don't really matter, expecially the use of phones, you will see a student whose parents are struggling to even pay his School fees but all he can think about is how to buy Samsung, IPhone all these quality phones that are very expensive but the little need they have, they hardly satisfy it, instead will prefer to go for things they don't really need, let me call it things they can actually do without, I am not saying that Samsung or IPhone is not important, of course is very important but they don't actually need those features most of the times but just get the phone, to show off that they have big phones thale ability to get what you need and stay without what you don't really need is the way of the rich

After his election, he switched to a Sectera Edge with enhanced security. Obviously it's not the typical smartphone, the secret service and NSA had something to do with it. CNN ran an article here:


PC Mag ran an article about the security measures taken:


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