Looming Problems in Kenya Kwanza as Rigathi Gachagua Demands for 50% of Ruto’s Government

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Mathira MP and Kenya Kwanza presidential running mate Rigathi Gachagua has asked deputy president William Ruto for a 50 percent share of his government. Speaking in Embu during an economic empowerment forum, Gachagua urged Mt Kenya residents to vote for Ruto in large numbers so that he gets the bargaining power.

"I am proposing an application for a 50 percent share of Ruto's government. But applying for government shares is one thing and getting the share is another. For us to get a big share, we must vote in large numbers," said Gachagua.

In what has been seen as a dismissal of ANC and Ford Kenya’s promise of 30 percent of Ruto’s government, Gachagua noted that Ruto’s government will be shared based on votes. The more the votes the bigger the share and vice versa.

"Our ownership of this coming government will be determined by the number of votes we cast in favor of Ruto. Therefore, make sure we turn out in large numbers and vote for Ruto," added Gachagua.

A senior political analyst speaking on one of the local TV stations foresaw a major clash pitting Mudavadi and Wetangula on one hand against Gachagua on the other hand. Sources indicate that the Mt Kenya politicians are not happy with the 30 percent allocation to the western region and Gachagua might be working to revert it.

The internal Kenya Kwanza wrangles were fueled by Kakamega gubernatorial candidate Cleophas Malala who recently lectured deputy president William Ruto over what he termed interference with their bedroom matters. Malala accused the Kenya Kwanza boss of sabotaging their efforts to deliver the 70 percent votes. Similar sentiments were made by Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa who dismissed DP Ruto’s appointment of Amason Kingi as Kenya Kwanza's campaign leader for the coast region.

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