Some Strange Mysteries Of Life That We Will Never Be Able to Understand No Matter How Much We Try


There are many wonders in this world which are sometimes hard to comprehend with. God has created the earth and positioned alot of things on it of which some of them are human beings, animals and others.

In the universe, there are stars far bigger than the earth itself but which cannot fall on the earth. However, it is no doubt that these things do exist on the surface of the earth but where where was these things originated from, this is part of the in-depth analysis that we will give you in this post.

Some things in life are explained by science to try and keep curious people happy, but when the reflection is deeper we then realize that these things will remain mysteries which can never be comprehend with.

The little liquid which makes up a man is still a matter of debate among scientists, the way man comes into the world has always been a miracle in the eyes of man. From conception to arrival, the human being is indeed a true miracle by God. But How does a simple liquid become an egg or fetus and later turn into a baby.

Here are the breakdown and analysis of the mysteries which you will find difficult to understand:

Human eyes:

Man studied the eyes of the man to find out what it's really all about, but ask yourself the following question: what is this system designed by God that allows me to see in color, to look, to contemplate.

Ask yourself again about how the eyes are connected to what element that allows you to see these images. Science will try to give explanations, even if it cannot give a clear answer.

The hair:

There is no hair under the skull, but every day the hair grows amazingly. From childhood to adulthood, a man can have tens of meters of hair if he has not cut them off. But where does this hair come from, where is it stored in the human body? that's a question we all need to ask ourselves.

The teeth:

First we put food in our mouth and this food is crushed easily by the teeth. The crushed food becomes paste and goes into the intestines through a pipe down the throat. Still in the intestine, several steps take you through this in various places, until the most useless went down the toilet.

At the level of the various organs of the body, each small element plays a well defined role. Have you ever thought about the process of digestion? This is another big mystery you find difficult to understand.


We also have the sun, the stars, the moon, the trees and the earth on which we walk and carry out our day to day activities. There is truly a superior being above us. The creation of man isn't an accident but a masterpiece which remains a mystery like the other elements of nature that man cannot understand.

Man is a truly magnificent being, he is a perfect masterpiece, but whose creature is he? God is wonderful and he's capable of doing everything.

What have you learned from this post? let's hear your opinion